Brett Henrichsen



Brett Henrichsen has always had a passion for dance music. Working by day as a Marketing Specialist for IBM, Brett spent nights in clubs and record stores watching and learning from top DJ’s and listening to his favorite style of music: high energy, vocal and progressive dance. Frustrated to learn that the vast majority of music he was hearing in the clubs was not available for purchase by the general public, he started the CD compilation series MASTERbeat in an effort to make these tracks available to more than just the nightclub DJ. The series proved to be immensely popular and led Brett to leave the corporate world to start his own independent record label. Brett met his first artist Erin Hamilton through mutual friends and introduced her to the dance and gay community by producing their first single, “Dream Weaver”. His label continued to produce original dance hits including Erin Hamilton’s #1 Billboard single “The Flame” and debut album “One World”, along with singles from other artists including Lonnie Gordon and Sheryl Lee Ralph.

Putting his marketing degree to good use, Brett felt he might sell more CD’s if there was a party based on the CD series, where people could go and enjoy music straight from the compilations.   Masterbeat: The Club was born in 1998 at LA’s then hottest weekly club: The Probe.   The party broke all attendance records for the club with a line that went around a city block until morning.  Promoters took notice and in 1999 Jeffrey Sanker invited Brett to co-produce a bi-coastal New Year’s eve celebration, with Sanker running an event in Miami and Brett launching “Masterbeat Millenium” in Palm Springs on the eve of Y2K.  This turned out to be the start of the largest recurring gay New Year’s Eve event in the world – holding the distinction as the only large scale dance event actually taking place during the magical hour of midnight.   In 2002 Brett moved the New Year’s eve festival to Los Angeles and to put the city of Angels “on the circuit map.”   Masterbeat has gone on to become the largest producer of gay events in the USA, producing an average of 15 large scale club events around the country each year, branching out from it’s home roster in Los Angeles to New York, San Francisco, Miami, San Diego and even internationally with events in Madrid, Mykonos and London.

In 2008 Brett took his passion to make dance music available to everyone to the online world, launching a full scale online digital music store under, holding the distinction as the first and only online retailer to legally sell the dance mixes of the major labels.   In 2011 the online store closed as online music sales slumped, leaving Brett to turn all of his focus to his events and launching a full scale worldwide promotion effort with the Spanish group WE Party.

As if running a music store and events company were not enough, Brett had always been fascinated by the skills and talent of live DJ’s, it was the next logical step in Brett’s musical career to begin DJing himself. He started DJing as hobby on the side to help promote the Masterbeat brand, but after receiving rave reviews from debut sets at The White Party in Palm Springs and Amsterdam, he quickly rose to international superstardom going on to headline major events and receive critical acclaim at events around the world including Sydney’s Mardi Gras (playing to over 20,000 guests in a special extended set), Carnival and XDemente in Rio, Magic Journeys at Orlando’s Gay Days, New York’s Pier Dance, San Diego Zoo Party, Miami’s Winter Party and White Party and many more. Brett is one of the few USA circuit DJ’s to crossover to the international mainstream and routinely plays abroad in Amsterdam, London, Asia, Madrid, Barcelona, Sydney, Sao Paulo and Rio. Brett has held residencies at the Rox in NYC, Universe in San Francisco, Splash Bar, South Beach and aboard the Atlantis cruises.  Chances are you’ll find Brett on a dance floor near you as he travels virtually every weekend playing at clubs and events around the world.

Brett attributes Masterbeat’s success to his #1 motto as a DJ and as an event producer – he only plays a set or produces an event that he would want to attend himself.   Years of “on the job” experience attending events and listening to other DJ’s gives Brett a unique perspective in the party world and contributes to Brett’s deep connection to each event and venue he plays.   Brett has a passion to ensure every event bearing the Masterbeat name is a musical journey and quality experience for the guest.

Masterbeat celebrates it’s 15th anniversary of New Year’s Los Angeles this year with XV:  The Fifteenth Anniversary – taking pace across 3 days and nights with 4 incredible events at LA’s hottest night clubs.