Micky Friedmann


Micky Friedmann

Berlin is home to Israeli DJ/Producer Micky Friedmann, since joining the Berlin Ballet as a soloist dancer in 1998.
He received his classical & contemporary music education at the Rubin academy for the arts in Jerusalem.The daily exposure to classical music at a very young age & later all through his dance career, made an important impact on his future development as DJ & a producer. In 2005, after his last performance on the stage of the Berlin opera house, Micky started on a new path perusing his musical skills as a DJ & producer in the world of electronic music.

The discipline & hard work he mastered as a dancer helped him to adjust to the demanding rules & character of the night life all over the world.
What started as a hobby, sporadically playing beats for close friends, turned into an incredibly successful new DJ career which took off to international level rapidly.

Micky Friedmann is now one of most influential leading trend setters artists in the Circuit scene, headlining the biggest most important festivals & Circuit events in the world.

Resident with: Masterbeat USA, Forever Tel Aviv, Sexy Cologne, Matinee Circuit Festival Barcelona, Angels Zurich & Cherry Washington.